How to Know if there Is a Real Provillus Scam

Order ProvillusThe Internet tends to start buzzing whenever a new product hits the market, especially if it offers something brand new and exciting that many people find hard to believe. Provillus is just such a product and as a result there is a lot of buzz about whether there is a Provillus scam or not. Not that there isn’t good reason for people to wonder if a product that claims it can help Men and Women regrow their own hair naturally is real or not – but it is important to know for sure whether there is as Provillus scam so that people who are interested in learning more about the product have a clear basis with which to start.

The idea of a Provillus scam revolves mostly around how hard it is for many men and women to regrow their hair when they start having hair loss problems. But, the truth of the matter is that many men and women don’t understand just what they are going through. They think their hair loss is permanent, that they are just getting old. But, that’s not it. Hair loss in most cases is caused by a condition known as androgenic alopecia – or pattern baldness.

The root of this condition in men comes from the overproduction of a hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This hormone will get into the bloodstream and block the hair follicles from producing the necessary proteins to grow new hair. For women, the problem is even simpler, resulting in a loss of the necessary nutrients to grow hair. In either case, the hair either falls out or thins extremely and eventually the hair follicle dies.

But, for those that have not yet lost their hair completely, there is a chance to regrow that hair. The Provillus scam naysayers are those that think this isn’t possible. Yet, there is no Provillus scam. This Minoxidil based formula has proven itself time and again to be capable of regrowing hair when the hair is almost completely gone.

In the end, anyone that is seeking a way to stop hair loss should look into products like Provillus. There is no Provillus scam, nor is there any issue that causes the hair to stop growing completely in a way that cannot be reversed. Check out Provillus ( today and learn more about what it can do for your hair loss issues.

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